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ICT Career Development for Teachers


The ICT Career Development for Teachers 2018 is Opening doors and this is an official invite to you as an Education delegate and a Stakeholder.

ICT Career Development for Teachers 2018 is about empowering teachers integrating technology in the classroom and professional teacher development.

Gauteng’s education system is changing and educators are looking to ICT for teaching innovations and alternatives to the traditional classroom. Right now, one of their biggest challenges is teacher development and to find imaginative and interactive teaching tools that can inspire, engage and help educate a new generation of students.

Positivity is bubbling up in the South African Education sector the winds of tablets in schools have brought about a new wave of learning optimism. And the country has never been so determined about change, don’t be left behind.

  • Are you struggling integrating technology in the classroom?
  • Are you struggling with the use of the tablet for teaching?
  • You don’t understand the future plans of teacher development in Gauteng by GDE
  • Technology is working against you instead of working for you?
  • You want to grow your teaching career in the 21st century don’t know?

The ICT Career Development for Teachers is a place to be!!!

Attend as a delegate to awaken your genius its FREE attendance please finds here the attached delegate guide coupled with the event details.

If you wish to get involved please RSVP or contact us

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ICT Career Development
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